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Dynamic Mode Decomposition for aeroelastic wing

Computational mesh for a flow around AGARD wing

DMD mode 02 (real) - streamlines

DMD mode 02 (imaginary part) - streamlines

DMD mode 02 (real and imaginary part) for aeroelastic flow around AGARD wing.

Image morphing using continuous mode interpolation

Morphing between two distinct images is based on continuous mode interpolation developed for reduced order flow models. First, outer products of input vectors (images) result in two matrices, that are linearly interpolated. Next, eigenvectors of interpolated matrix are computed. Most dominant one is the morphed image we seek.

On the example below, two photos of Pfaueninsel castle are morphed:


ins-00.png ins-10.png
image 1 image 2


continuous interpolation


Proper Orthogonal Decomposition of 3D Human Faces

The input data (3D point clouds) result from 3D structural light scanning of Virtual Engineering students at PUT. Proper Orthogonal Decomposition has been applied to find the mean (averaged) shape of human face and the most important features (most dominant POD modes) . Continue reading ‘Proper Orthogonal Decomposition of 3D Human Faces’

Wybrane konferencje 2010-2011

Konferencje 2010-2011-…

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