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Rotating sphere at Re=300

Rotating sphere

3D surface with acroread

For 3D, open as regular Adobe PDF file (1.6MB)

Cylinder results for Re=400

Disturbance for a sphere flow

Initial disturbance development, after unsymmetrical perturbation i y-direction for the flow around a sphere (Vx, Vy,Vz).

disturb_x disturb_y disturb_z

disturb_stream1 disturb_stream11 disturb_stream2


New page – Udine CISM 2008 course Reduced-Order Modeling

Here you can find a link to a Udine CISM 2008 course Reduced-Order Modeling page – hopefully the forum for ROM community.

Pictures CISM Udine course 2006

Under this link you will find some pictures made in  Udine 2006


Upcoming conferences

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